Quest TV | Results for: Featured > Newest Quest TV RSS Feeds Copyright 2011 Coats quickly migrates 7,500 users worldwide with Notes Migrator for Exchange Learn how international thread manufacturer, Coats, partnered with InfraScience, Microsoft and Dell Software to quickly migrate 7,500 users from Notes to Office 365 using Notes Migrator for Exchange from Dell Software. 3063497724001 921711326001 3063497724001 237657 Simplify the management of the information at the heart of your business Data is the heart of a growing business, but the reality of managing, integrating, and analyzing that data can cause friction. Simplify with Dell Software Information Management, and get back to the business of growing. 2809670501001 921711326001 2809670501001 89444 Cerdant grows revenues by 50% through partnership with Dell Learn how managed security provider Cerdant grew revenues by 50% through their partnership with Dell and use of Dell Connected Security solutions - including network security solutions from SonicWALL. 2820757890001 921711326001 2820757890001 201016 InfraScience partners with Dell Software to help customers meet their goals Learn how InfraSscience's partnership with Dell Software helps customers get the most value from their Microsoft infrastructure investment. 2867039177001 921711326001 2867039177001 182579 Build code-free, custom SharePoint solutions with Quick Apps for SharePoint Build a better, more customized SharePoint experience, without custom coding, with Quick Apps for SharePoint from Dell Software. 2745683892001 921711326001 2745683892001 164049 Dell cuts Oracle migration time by 97 percent, and storage by 30 percent with SharePlex Learn how the Dell IT team streamlined a major Oracle database migration, and cut mission-critical system downtime from 20 hours to just 40 minutes, with SharePlex from Dell Software. 2719608843001 921711326001 2719608843001 231712 The Denver Broncos win with Dell Software security solutions Learn how the Denver Broncos' IT staff continues a winning tradition with SonicWALL next-generation firewalls and secure remote access appliances from Dell Software. 2632471023001 921711326001 2632471023001 248431 Realize the power of connected intelligence with Toad Follow Toad to and realize the power of connected intelligence. 2591789518001 921711326001 2591789518001 79064 TAGAL Improves customer response times and achieves 20% TCO reduction Learn how TAGAL improved mission-critical ERP performance and ensured efficient product delivery with end-to-end solutions from Dell, including the Dell PowerVault DR4000 disk backup appliance. 2687101883001 921711326001 2687101883001 220335 Ensure a high-quality end-user experience with Foglight for Windows Azure Applications Learn how you can improve the performance and availability of the applications you build on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform with Foglight for Windows Azure Applications. 2566184698001 921711326001 2566184698001 136093 GoPro fuels rapid growth with the Dell Boomi Cloud Integration Platform Learn how GoPro accelerated their growth by integrating with key retailers' EDI systems, and did it with 80% fewer resources and 75% less time using the Boomi Cloud Integration Platform from Dell Software 2421853545001 921711326001 2421853545001 215784 Turn big data into business analytics with the Kitenga Analytics Suite Learn how Kitenga Analytics Suite provides next-generation information retrieval by combining analytics and search into a single, unified environment. 2555607267001 921711326001 2555607267001 163121 The Truland Group implements company-wide disaster recovery protection with AppAssure Learn how The Truland Group reduced backup labor costs and implemented a unified disaster recovery plan with AppAssure, the advanced data protection solution from Dell Software. 2525358814001 921711326001 2525358814001 158988 Simplify Oracle data integration with SharePlex Learn how you can replicate and integrate data in near real-time with SharePlex, the simple, affordable Oracle database replication solution from Dell Software. 2472239313001 921711326001 2472239313001 76116 PING drives efficiency with Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances Learn how the PING IT Team manages PC inventory, enjoys improved security through automated patch management, and provides better end-user support with the K1000 Systems Management Appliance from Dell KACE. 2252687220001 921711326001 2252687220001 251171 Amerijet flies right with Dell Security Learn how Amerijet Holdings, Inc. connected 84 locations and gained deep visibility into their network using SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls and GMS from Dell Software 2407704939001 921711326001 2407704939001 202130 Quickly and easily protect your data with NetVault Backup Learn how to quickly and easily backup and restore data with NetVault Backup, the cross-platform data backup and recovery solution from Dell Software. 2341553849001 921711326001 2341553849001 511699 Counter a new set of network security challenges with Dell SonicWALL Enable your workforce to connect from anywhere and support BYOD initiatives, while ensuring the highest levels of protection and performance with SonicWALL next-generation firewalls from Dell Software 2407499904001 921711326001 2407499904001 157223 Make Better Business Decisions with Toad Business Intelligence Suite The Toad Business Intelligence Suite is an integrated, unified solution that lets business analysts make better decisions by leveraging their business intelligence environments and corporate information. 1814844127001 921711326001 1814844127001 176031 Process and Report on Business Intelligence Data with Toad Business Intelligence Suite Learn how Toad Business Intelligence Suite simplifies processing and reporting on BI data by bridging the gap between IT’s compliance requirements and business users’ need for easy access and reporting. 1814867797001 921711326001 1814867797001 147169 Bridge the Gap Between IT and Business with Toad Business Intelligence Suite Learn how Toad Business Intelligence Suite simplifies Business Intelligence by bridging the gap between IT’s compliance requirements and business users’ need for easy access and reporting. 1814844123001 921711326001 1814844123001 158244 The Power to Do More - Accelerating Results Dell executives, industry leaders, global customers and channel partners share insights and perspectives on our end-to-end strategy for meeting customers' needs. 2328514060001 921711326001 2328514060001 129638 RocketSpace keeps their clients connected with Dell Security Learn how RocketSpace prioritizes network traffic and delivers a high level of service to their clients, with SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls from Dell Software. 2338182265001 921711326001 2338182265001 191124 Active Directory Recovery Made Easy Learn how you can protect your Active Directory data from disaster, reduce downtime, and perform granular restores with Recovery Manager for Active Directory from Dell Software. 2191529562001 921711326001 2191529562001 148539 Enhance network security with Dell SonicWALL Next-Generation Firewalls This short product demo shows how eay it is to to enhance network security with SonicWALL next-generation firewalls from Dell Software. 2368988689001 921711326001 2368988689001 303741 Locks Law Firm saves time and money with Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances Learn how the Locks Law Firm IT Team cut labor costs by 56%, efficiently manages hardware and software, and delivers complete end-user support with the K1000 Systems Management Appliance from Dell KACE. 2252687229001 921711326001 2252687229001 273369 Beyond web analytics with Foglight User Experience Management Learn how you can move beyond web analytics and and gain the insight you need to correct online customer issues with Foglight User Experience Management from Dell Software. 2387311238001 921711326001 2387311238001 117006 MICDS powers the classroom with Dell KACE Systems Management Appliances Learn how Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School ensured that technology remained a core delivery component of the institution’s curriculum, with the Dell Kace K1000 Systems Management Appliance 2347371300001 921711326001 2347371300001 262270 UWA achieves continuous data protection with Dell Software Learn how the University of West Alabama protects critical systems while improving the efficiency of their infrastructure with data protection solutions from Dell Software 2341754515001 921711326001 2341754515001 107650 Manage, Migrate and Customize SharePoint with Dell Software Take command of your SharePoint environment with Dell Software solutions that help simplify the way you manage, migrate and customize your SharePoint. 1426043786001 921711326001 1426043786001 174916 Become a collaboration hero - download AttachThis today Enable SharePoint and Outlook integration and become a collaboration hero with AttachThis, the free SharePoint to Outlook connector that lets you access SharePoint without changing the way you normally work. 1951241720001 921711326001 1951241720001 157919 Dell Software - Application Performance Monitoring Simplified Address the challenges of the modern datacenter and provide the highest level of end-user service with Foglight Application Performance Monitoring from Del Software. 1902487210001 921711326001 1902487210001 208516 Quest One - Privileged Account Management Simplified Learn how Quest One Privileged Account Management Solutions from Quest Software simplify privileged account management and let you enable super-user access without putting your entire organization at risk. 1697637519001 921711326001 1697637519001 185087 Video Case Study - Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated Learn how Quest Software helped Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated successfully migrate to Microsoft Exchange 1686141554001 921711326001 1686141554001 143895 A Winning Partnership - Quest, Microsoft and Infrascience Learn how Quest Software and Quest Premiere Partner Infrascience helped Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated successfully migrate to the productivity and collaboration offered by the Microsoft Exchange platform 1569978848001 921711326001 1569978848001 349995 The Coach's Playbook for Slam-Dunk Data Protection - Episode 1 Learn how Quest Software's data protection solutions simplify the way you protect your company's critical data, and make meeting your data protection goals a slam dunk. 1640870295001 921711326001 1640870295001 115195 Quest One - IAM, Security and Compliance Simplified Quest One Identity Solutions help increase IT efficiency, minimize the pain and cost associated with audits and keep your network secure, all while letting you be more responsive to the needs of the business. 1430240799001 921711326001 1430240799001 212463 Navigating the Virtual Desktop Continuum with vWorkspace Learn how to successfully navigate the virtual desktop continuum with vWorkspace, Quest Software’s solution for deploying and managing desktop virtualization technologies across a variety of devices and platforms 1424087014001 921711326001 1424087014001 159197 Quest Software - Data Protection Simplified Learn how Quest Software's data protection solutions simplify the way you protect your company's critical data, and make meeting your data protection goals a slam dunk. 1078568913001 921711326001 1078568913001 187875 vWorkspace and Microsoft - Desktop Virtualization Simplified At Quest Software and Microsoft, we think Desktop virtualization should be easy. That's why we teamed up with Microsoft to create platforms and solutions that simplify desktop virtualization. 914128643001 921711326001 914128643001 231016